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15 May 2017

Since the beginning of the year 20 new stores have opened. Our Dream continues to grow

From January to April, Teddy has never stopped: 20 stores have been opened since the beginning of the year. Welcome to Bucharest and Doha!

We ended the year 2016 with over 100 new sales points opened in a year. A really fantastic result, the fruit of the efforts of many colleagues, which has allowed us to dress new people around the world as we continue to build our Dream.

Rinascimento Adigeo

True to ourselves, we were not satisfied: when the Dream is so big, you must never stop working to fulfil it.
Since January 2017 Teddy has opened 20 new stores in Italy, Romania, Qatar and Croatia.
A special welcome is extended to the two new Terranova stores that have just opened in Bucharest, Romania!

Terranova, Rinascimento and Calliope

All our brands continue to arrive in the new shopping centres of many cities: 8 new stores each for Terranova and Calliope, which is about to reach 100 sales points around the world!

Doha Clp esterno
4 new openings in 2017 for Rinascimento, too, among which the store that stands out is the one opened in Adigeo, the new shopping centre in Verona.
For 2017 we foresee about 100 new openings: the best is yet to come, as we continue to build our Dream.

5 May 2017

Co-branding: Coca Cola And Terranova together on social media! Browse the photo-gallery #enjoylifetogether!

From Spain to Russian, anyone popping into a Terranova store after April 28th has been certainly ‘hit’ by the brand-new Coca Cola/Terranova clothing collection!

The co-branding strategy, including both womenswear and menswear, has just been launched in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Spain and Switzerland, in over 230 stores, and has already stimulated the creativity and imagination of customers and insiders: a flood of photos and videos taken in Terranova stores have been posted on Instagram and Facebook by people to share their personal #enjoylifetogether experience, showing colourful t-shirts, bottles, bandana & smiles!

Coca Cola & Terranova share their common values through interactive contents inside Terranova stores and dedicated shop windows, in addition to a dedicated landing page created on Terranova website via the link terranovastyle.com/collezione/Coca-Cola/EnjoyCocacolaTerranova.html  

Joy, happiness, fun and “stay together”, contained within the all-in-one hashtags #enjoylifetogether and #cokestyle, will be the keys to tell customers about this co-branding adventure every day, through Terranova social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the blog blog.terranovastyle.com.


27 April 2017


A new collaboration between the two brands for many more colourful surprises in the over 230 Terranova stores all over the world

Terranova, one of the most famous fast fashion brands in Europe, managed by Gruppo Teddy, has just launched a co-branding partnership with Coca-Cola, one of the the most recognized brand worldwide.


The Terranova Style team will design Coca-Cola branded menswear and womenswear for 230 Terranova stores, including Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Switzerland as well as on the website terranovastyle.com.  

The co-branding partnership is based on the values the brands share and on which they build their business such as joy, happiness, fun and “togetherness”: summarized by the collaboration hashtag #enjoylifetogether, and #cokestyle which will mark the event in all touchpoints.

The collaboration will be promoted in Terranova retail globally with regional activations including Coca-Cola + Terranova Shop window displays, interactive content in store and to a dedicated landing page created on the corporate website via the link terranovastyle.com/collezione/Coca-Cola/EnjoyCocacolaTerranova.html (online on Aprile 28).

Terranova has designed a special gift pin for every customer who purchases a Coca Cola/Terranova-branded garment, online or in the dedicated stores.

For more information about this special collaboration on the blog blog.terranovastyle.com and on Terranova social pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Once upon a time there was Russia? No! 
How we overcame the crisis of the Rouble and how our development is continuing.

This is how we faced the crisis of 2014. Fifty stores could have closed, another 10 opened, told by some of the protagonists of this (new) conquest.

“The worst collapse of the financial crisis of 2014”. “Queues in the shopping centres to spend the last Roubles”. Let’s try to be honest and direct like we always try to be in Teddy. In December 2014, like so many others who were facing the Rouble which had lost 50% of its value in a year, we thought the worst.

Russia is unsteady, for Teddy it is one of the most important markets, and it wasn’t easy to foresee what its fate might be. The fate of the stores, the fate of the entrepreneurs who through affiliation had been doing business with us for years, and the fate of the thousands of Terranova and Calliope customers.

It’s almost Christmas, we come back from the holidays to make the right decisions in the face of an unprecedented crisis, and it is in these situations that we see if the principles of our company culture are really suitable to face the challenges of the market.

The big issue of the prices

What should we do with the prices? This was the big question. What should we favour? The momentary profit or making sacrifices, for many months even, penalising profitability? On the other hand, two large criteria. The first is that it always takes two to do business, otherwise it doesn’t last long. The second: treat others as you would like to be treated. The final decision?

We are told by Alessandro Mauro, director of Russiatex, master franchising for the Terranova and Calliope brands in Russia. “To face the situation as best as possible in accordance with the companies and affiliates we decided to contain prices, and not raise them. 
While with the crisis many brands raised their prices, we contained them, sacrificing the production cycle profit and that of Russiatex in the name of our relationship with the affiliates and customers, helping them to involve the shopping centres themselves in this project, asking for instance for lower rent, and explaining that the containment of prices would be paid back in the long run by the customers themselves, who understood that their favourite brands were facing the crisis with them. And that is exactly how it went”.

The Terranova and Calliope consumers appreciated this, and the brands gained even more loyalty from their customers, and more besides… “That’s exactly so, because once 2015 was over, in 2016 we began opening new stores again, something which was unthinkable at the end of 2014”, says Alessandro.


“Eight new stores in 2016 – says Ina Danu, contact person for development in the Russian Federation – and we will continue to open other stores in 2017 and 2018”. Ina, together with Alessandro, was one of the protagonists who faced the crisis of the Rouble and the development of the Terranova and Calliope brands in Russia: “I came to Teddy as an interpreter, she tells us, I was looking for work after my maternity leave. I still remember when I was offered the chance to take care of the negotiations with the shopping centres. At first it wasn’t easy, but I soon learnt, and today I also take care of the sales network and the development of new sales points. I can’t imagine doing any other job. My greatest satisfaction comes from the daily negotiations with our partners, which are difficult at times and very direct, but which always have the objective of finding an agreement that satisfies both sides, and many people now in Russia recognize and appreciate the style of our group”.

Another protagonist of the Rouble crisis challenge was Giovanni Bellini, from the Tiberius company, which ensures commercial assistance to the stores in Russia and more besides.

Giovanni is one of the people who during the Christmas of 2014 abandoned his family and holidays due to the Rouble crisis: “I started working with Teddy 18 years ago, in 1998. I began working for the client who was affiliated in Poland. Today, with my team, I take care of the commercial side in this country as well as that of the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. About twenty collaborators work with me. When I watch them and I see the passion of these guys who spend so many days and nights away, I feel moved. You can see that the Teddy values are not just confined to Italy, because they reach abroad, too, all the way to the people who are part of the group”.


The first store in Russia in 2003, today there are 52 stores

If we take a step back, we’ll see that the beginning of the Teddy brands in Russia was not easy either: “It was not easy to get established on these markets. We worked a lot, gaining the “trust” of the affiliates and creating a big team with them. We found some great partners who proved to be true professionals with whom we undertook a path of growth together”.

The first Terranova store was opened in 2003, when the Russiatex company did not yet exist. Then Russiatex came along, the first case of master franchising in Russia linked to Italian brands, with which there was a strong momentum in the development of this market.

To date there are 52 stores in Russia (50 affiliates and 2 that are managed directly by Russiatex), the brands have grown and they are sought after by the shopping centres. Moreover, as Mauro explains, “an ever growing number of affiliates ask to open new stores with us”. For instance? An entrepreneur who already has 6 stores all over Russia and who continues to ask us to open new sales points.

Among the most interesting openings in 2016 the one in “Blagoveshchenskl, 8 time zones inside Russia on the border with Japan and China, thanks to one of our oldest affiliates who already has 5 stores. For me this is a great result, which, we hope will open up new frontiers”.

There is a secret: people who are building a dream

“The company has changed my life – says Giovanni – my dreams go hand in hand with the needs of the Group, and it continues to be a great and wonderful adventure. The market changes fast, we grow, and we want to be among the leaders. We have the skills and the desire to make it”.

“In Russia, as in many other places, sometimes it is not easy, there are difficulties, but I work with some great people – says Alessandro – 40 people work for Russiatex: a team that comprises Russians, Bulgarians, Slovaks, and Italians who have shared in difficult times, too, this great entrepreneurial project, contributing to the Teddy Dream. So I owe, and we owe, all the success we have here to them, by dressing people, we are building a dream”.

20 December 2016

Terranova, a great party for the new flagship store in Barcelona

A new store in the heart of the Spanish city

A party inaugurated the new Terranova flagship store in the heart of Barcelona on 2nd December. Dancers, music and lights enlivened the whole 1,500 m2 of the historic building.


An unusual store the Spanish one which blends traditional architecture with the innovation of the Teddy world. Pictures, original flooring and historic paintings hanging on the walls can be admired along with works by Alex Fowkes, an artist who travels the world creating graphic installations, and who, for Terranova, has created some of the graphics inside the store.

The three floors of the historic residence with four entrances and now six store windows house the men, women, kids, and accessory lines and the Terranova underwear.


There were many surprises for the customers who entered the new flagship store to try their luck with the special wheel of fortune with many presents in store or to watch the show of the skaters who, between calle Boters and calle del Pì, accompanied tourists and Spanish people to the rhythm of music.


Three years of work lie behind the store, which today is the beginning of a new development for the brands of the Teddy Group in Spain. In fact, we are already evaluating the possible opening of other franchises in some of the most important Spanish cities.

7 December 2016

Calliope.style, the first step towards online shopping

Glamour and clarity are the keywords of the new Calliope website, full of many new features: a complete catalogue of Calliope products, outfit ideas, the online glam card and a coming-soon e-commerce section.

After renovating its brand identity and its concept store, Calliope follows on its development path with a new website. www.calliope.style is the new branded portal where customers can have a look at all the collections, feeling the light glamour that is the ‘trademark’ of the brand managed by Gruppo Teddy.


The first step towards the coming-soon e-commerce platform

The new website will be a real online store, available in 24 languages, where customers can discover and ‘fall in love’ with brand’s collections, find their ideal outfits and check their loyalty card.
It is a shop window where to find all the items of the collection and on which customers can browse through the clothing lines and accessories, save their favourite products and then go to a physical store to buy them.

Calliope style

The main strength of the new Calliope website, thanks to its style and look, is the section GET THE LOOK, where customers can find outfit ideas to draw inspiration from, also helped by the section EDITORIAL, in which products are described following the latest season trends.
In addition to those, customers may check the BLOG, full of fashion tips for a perfect style.


Your personal wish list

Customers can select the small heart in the section to save their favourite garments, thus creating their own Calliope wish list. Easy peasy: navigate the website, select garments to be added to a wish list that will be automatically updated in the relevant section of the website. Customers can also use the store locator to find the nearest store where to buy the outfit they selected, but in the near future they will be able to buy everything online with one click.


Glam Card: Marketing becomes glamourous

It is the area of the website where customers will be able to check and manage their loyalty card. At the moment forms can be downloaded from the website and customers can fill and bring them to a local store to collect their cards. Within a few months, the Glam Card section on the website will be activated to allow customers to check their own points and use the card for online shopping.

Calliope world become richer thanks to www.calliope.style, a tool ready to fulfil all customers’ needs, make them fall in love even more with the brand and be their online store in the near future.