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The brand was created in 1988 and is one of the most important European low-cost brands of young and urban fashion, with 463 points of sale in 39 countries. The stores are managed both directly by the company (flagships) or using the franchising format ‘on a sale-or-return basis’. Terranova ‘everyday’ fashion style stands out for its accessible and always fresh image, simple and cool at the same time. Terranova experience is based on three key concepts: easy to wear, a product that fits everyone; easy to buy, thanks to its affordable price; easy to live, thanks to the feeling of freedom and freshness you can breathe inside any Terranova point of sale.

Clothing lines: Menswear, Womenswear, Kidswear, Accessories, Homewear. 463 stores, 39 countries, 14 clothing collections every year, 16 e-commerce countries


rinascimento.infoRinascimento is a fast-fashion brand offering a total look to a glamourous, modern and strong woman but ready to show her femininity: apparel thus becomes her feminine tool to seduce with personality. Her total look is a refined and versatile expression of a femininity concealing a special drive and the awareness of being a woman in everyday life. She is a glamourous woman because she loves the latest trends and going out: she therefore looks for garments that may make herself feel very attractive and sexy on any occasion, but it’s on special occasions she likes her smartness, and not just fashionable clothing, to stand out. She is modern because she likes changing her collection of clothes with new, stylish proposals, being brave to underline her own personality while paying attention to details and matchings, to be always in line with the latest trends. In 2002 the creative spirit of RINASCIMENTO fashion designers also gave birth to the brand KITANA, a clothing line designed for sizes ranging from Italian 46 (US: 10; UK: 12) to Italian 52 (US: 18; UK: 20).

Clothing lines: Womenswear, accessories. 16 wholesale stores, 12 countries, 5,000,000 garments sold in 98 countries, 8 sample books, 10,000 model patterns every year, 200 new items presented every week, 120,000 garments sold per week, 28 e-commerce countries.


nuovo logo calliope

After being launched in 2005, Calliope has immediately met with great success in the low-cost clothing market, thus making glamorous fashion style the key of its own image. The distinctive feature of Calliope product and its points of sale, both flagships and franchised, is its well-balanced, modern glamour, with a ‘stylish’ touch. Calliope garments position themselves as trendy, modern products, but at the same time affordable thus featuring the right balance between what is fashionable and basic. The result is a product designed for men and women who want to feel naturally glamourous every day.

Clothing lines: Menswear, Womenswear, accessories. 88 stores, 19 countries, 14 clothing collections every year


The brand Miss Miss was created and launched in 1988 and tells about the lifestyle of a sparkling, positive, happy woman who loves showing her own personality but without any excess. She is a versatile woman, who likes mixing styles together to have a trendy look but with a personal touch to stand out from the crowd: what she looks for is something suitable for any occasion throughout the day. She is a smart woman, a daughter of her times, self-confident and with a strong identity, therefore very open to the world. She is a woman avoiding formalities, in her look as well as when expressing her feelings, aiming at developing her talents with determination.
Miss Miss is a fast fashion brand with a wholesale distribution network for Made-in-Italy products, which is fast in offering new trends with a keen eye in the search for fabrics.

Clothing lines: Womenswear. 3 wholesale stores, 15 distributors all over the world, 8 sample books, 4,000 model patterns per year, 100 new items presented every week.